Best Buy Offering Pre-orders For...Half-Life 2: Episode 3? [Update: The Joke Was a Hoax]

Reddit user Tabisama strolled into Best Buy, but wasn't expecting to stumble on this pre-order for what appears to be Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

Looking at this poster, you might think that it's genuine. But looking at that 99,999,999 countdown, you might think otherwise.

These Episode 3 teases are not uncommon. After all, everyone knows gamers' soft spot is for Valve's hopefully incoming Half-Life title. They're going to have to dispel rumors of an inability to count to three somehow, right?

Update: Looks like Kotaku reader crazydog115 discovered this troll/joke poster is even more trollish than meets the eye. It appears to be a photoshop of a Diablo III poster. We originally posted this to share what we thought was a Best Buy joke. Turns out that we didn't realize the whole is a photoshop. This picture is of something that doesn't exist. Like any future Half-Life game.


so I went to BestBuy to see the Diablo III's POP today, but found this [Reddit]

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