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Bento Makes A Case For Why You Should Play With Your Food

Bento makes for an adorable lunch—many of us knew that already. It shouldn't be surprising, then, that bento also makes for adorable stop motion animation.


YouTuber Mari Miyazawa has a channel full of bento. Some of it features tutorials, and some of it is what she calls "Bento Theater." Here are a few more of her creations. Make sure to hit the 'transcript' button on YouTube, if available. That way you understand what's being said. This is story-driven bento, you see.

I'm hungry and charmed!

【アニメ】おべんとうたちのえんそく【Bento Theater】Waking Up [Mari Miyazawa]

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Japanese food has always seemed tasteless imo,maybe it´s the color,maybe because it´s mostly based on fish I dunno but as a mexican it simply lacks appeal to me.Although these ones appear to be colorful at least.