Ben And Narelle Are Here To Take Over Your Lazy Labor Day

Ben Bertoli and Narelle Ho Sang

Kick back, relax, and join us for some interesting articles and general silliness.

The regular Kotaku staff has the day off and we’ve been tasked with filling the site with pictures of cats hard hitting pieces that cover important topics such as cartoons, No More Heroes, Final Fantasy families, Salmon Run nicknames, and more. So enjoy your day. Eat some delicious food, play that game you’ve been waiting to try, and maybe take a nap. We’ll be here to entertain you in between.


If you’d like to chat, need to point out a glaring grammatical error, or want to tip us off on some breaking news, you can do so in the comments below or via Twitter. You can find Ben @SuperBentendo and Narelle @Zarnyx. And if you’re staring off into the horizon and thinking, “Shucks, I want to write some articles about gaming too,” then you should come check out Kotaku’s reader-run blog, Talk Amongst Yourselves. It’s where we both hang out regularly, and it’s a wonderful little community.

Let’s do this!

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