Belkin Working On iPhone Game Controller?

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Until now, the iControlPad was the official-unofficial gamepad add-on for Jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches. If a leaked advert posted on iPhone games site Touch Arcade is to be believed, though, that may be about to change. The ad shows a device — apparently bearing the Belkin brand name — that looks like a much more complete version of the iControlPad. The device has 8 buttons and fits around your iPhone like a sleeve, giving it a pleasing round-edged shape. It might be a fake, but Belkin are no strangers to third-party add-ons. If it is real, will it be officially supported? The iPhone badly needs some kind of control pad, but will this meet Steve Jobs' exacting aesthetic standards and be recognized by the App Store? Belkin JoyPod iPhone Gaming Controller with App Store Support? [Touch Arcade]


Better than the previous attempt.

The buttons ain't squished to save space, and it looks more smooth.

Dunno about that nub though... maybe they should've just made a complete psp rip-off and added d-pad instead.

About PSP owners, WELL GOOD FOR YOU!

But some people don't have, and this accessory will be a fine add.

You don't need to buy it, and there's no point in complaining about it if you are not interested too. o/