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Being Good at Video Games Isn't Cool, Says Japanese Poll

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You might be terrible at video games. You might be amazing. And if you're a guy who's good at games, does that make you cool? That's what one Japanese website wanted to find out.

According to Buzz Plus, the following question was posed to two hundred women in Japan: "Do you think men who are good at video games are cool?"


As with any poll, this data doesn't speak to the opinions of all Japanese women and is only indicative of those who replied. Also, the poll doesn't appear to take into account same sex couples. So! Take this data for what it is: a poll.

Here are the results:

1. "I don't think they're cool." (59 percent)

2. "I think they're cool." (33.5 percent)

3. "It's rather creepy." (7.5 percent)

So yes, the majority of those polled didn't think being good at games was cool, with the more extreme opinions going as far as calling it a "waste of time" or "an illness." But opinions and perceptions varied. For example, one woman replied, "Until college it seems cool, but once you're in your late twenties, it becomes a bit much."


But that doesn't necessarily mean all those who don't think it's cool are against gaming per se. Said one woman, "I'm pretty good at video games, so it's not cool for me, but normal," while another added, "It's cool if you're a little good at video games."

I dunno, I think it's cool when people are good at almost anything. It's interesting to see someone dedicate time and energy to master something. Maybe that's just me.


But take heart. Buzz Plus noted that for some of the 33.5 percent who think gaming skills are cool, they might fall in love with a guy for that reason.

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