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Being A Vampire In This Game Seems Like A Lot of Fun

Dark, a shooter where you play as a vampire, still looks as cool now as it did when we initially saw that it wasn't about being a sparkly, sensitive bloodsucker. After all, you will eat your enemies to regain health. You will teleport. You will become invisible and stalk your prey. You will hypnotize your targets.


This trailer showcases a number of powers available to you in the game, making it seem as if you have a variety of approaches available to you when it comes to problem solving. Anyone reminded of Deus Ex a bit here? With cel-shading, that is.


The game releases this summer for PC and Xbox 360.

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Gawker is Dead

thats not a vampire, that's a "Hoodie" wearing linkin park fan thinking the lyrics of his favorite song describe how dark his soul is.

his ipod playlist consist of Lux Aeterna and "Let the Bodies hit the Floor!, Let the Bodies hit the Floor!,Let the Bodies hit the Floor!" , as well as "Last Resort" and all the linkin park songs . "before they sold out"