Behold, The Mother Of All Civilization VI Canals

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I’ve written before about how canals are very much a thing in Civilization, but the latest expansion for Civilization VI kicks this up to a whole new level.


In Gathering Storm, the traditional idea of a Civ canal—a city that bridges two landmasses—is massively expanded on, with players able to build small canals of their own joining a city tile to an ocean, and also the Panama Canal wonder, which does much the same thing only bigger.


Anony_Person found a spot where they could combine both, and the result is something beautiful.

That’s seven tiles spanning a continent, with the Panama Canal wonder in the middle, and individual canals linking the cities to the coast. It’s glorious to behold, even moreso when you see that the canal lands right on the continent name.


Of course, Civ fans being Civ fans, as impressive as this is today I expect to be updating this post in 12 months time with a 17-tile monstrosity that lets battleships cross the map at the speed of light.

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Man I tried so hard to love this game. Got it for Switch, spent days reading up, and still can’t figure out WTF is going on, why I have to continuously remind units where to go, or what current status is of everything on screen. I wish it was more realtime, or pause-to-redirect. The turn-taking and slow pace of the game mixed with the obfuscated deep buried mechanics makes for a steep climb for a newcomer. But those screenshots look sick af!