Check Out A Whole Bunch Of Quirky Indie Games, Live

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Indie game festival Fantastic Arcade is in full swing in Austin, Texas, and I'm there! You can be too, sorta. There's a live stream of every panel and presentation running all weekend, including one about soon-to-be-re-released classic Grim Fandango. Watch now.

If you want to follow along, there's a full event schedule on Fantastic Arcade's website. The Grim Fandango talk starts at 6 PM ET/5 PM Central/3 PM PT.


I'll have more from the show soon. I just got done playing a game called How To Be A Tree, and I can officially confirm that video games have gotten really, really weird, you guys. I jumped, rolled, and fought an evil levitating eye that I think represents conservatism to fulfill some kind of glorious tree prophecy.

So expect interviews, impressions, and video of... games like that. For now, though, enjoy the panels.

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How to Be a Tree seems kind of goo-like. Have a shape with a rather schematic structure and add physics.

I like that.