Befriend A Bunch Of Celebrities In This Strange Bootleg Game

The somewhat janky dating sim Super Star is already pretty out there, and then you get to the hilarious celebrity cameos.

The Chinese game Super Star is a stat-raising game akin to Princess Maker or Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side. You play as an agent at a talent company trying to turn a girl who fell out of his favorite dating sim into a famous actress and singer. It’s a fun enough diversion with an atrocious translation, but the most remarkable part of this game are all the celebrities she meets along the way.


As she tries to kickstart her career, the girl—who I named Eudora, because it was the default—meets a bunch of real life celebrities. In the beginning they’re mostly Asian celebrities, like talk show host Dee Hsu or Lee Minho, a famous South Korean actor. The game sometimes refers to him by his nickname, Leggy Obama, and no, I can’t explain that one.

But as she gets more famous, the celebrities Eudora meets get a little more familiar.


So far in my journey I’ve also met Stephen Chow, director of comedy films like Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle:


And kung fu star Jet Li:


Twitter user Topherflorence ended up meeting, uh, Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.

Image Source: Topherflorence

I have gotten a real kick out of this game, even if it’s hard to understand the English translation at times and the player character is hyperfocused on getting Eudora naked. That said, I’m really, really curious about what other American celebrities show up in the game, so I’m gonna get back to playing it.

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