Two amazing games come out today: stealth-action-RPG Dishonored and strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Both are vastly different, but equally lovable.

Before you abandon all other duties because how the hell else are you going to make room during the day to play both games, read up on some tips from Jason and Luke/Kirk that you may find useful while playing each game.


Before You Start… Tips For Playing Dishonored The Best Way

Revenge ain't easy. While playing Dishonored, an excellent new stealth-action game that's out today for consoles and PC, you might find yourself face-to-face with a pack of pistol-brandishing guards or surrounded by a swarm of hungry, plague-infested rats. More »


Before You Start: Tips for Playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown the Best Way

Saving the world ain't easy. It takes strategy, preparation, determination and more than a little luck. So don't be thinking you can just fire up XCOM: More »