"Beer Soaked" Homeless Guy Crashes Suda Interview, Lasts Ten Minutes

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According to a report on CVG, a Game Developers Conference session with No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda (pictured) got a little strange yesterday when a homeless man (not pictured) joined Edge for an interview.


"There were plenty of drinks flowing at the event so nobody took much notice that this second 'journalist' was heavily soaked in beer", a "senior informant" tells the site. "Warner [Bros.] thought the guy was with Suda's people and the journalist seemed to assume he was with Warner."

"He managed about 10 minutes seated with Suda, mostly stroking his chin and nodding his head."


"Eventually it became quite clear he wasn't a journalist - he was in fact a homeless guy that managed to blag himself all the way to the interview."

Apparently the man was then "quietly ushered away", leaving Suda "speechless".

Let me set the scene here. These events aren't exactly Fort Knox. And The Game Developers Conference is renowned for being a little boozier than most other shows. So the fact he got in isn't very surprising.

The fact he lasted ten minutes? That's an achievement. Or an indictment on the amount of beer Edge writers are normally soaked in!

Homeless man wins GDC, secures interview with Suda 51 [Edge]

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I expect Suda to use this in a future game.

I'm also curious how Suda didn't pick up on it sooner? Was this just the cleanest most well groomed Homeless man of all time?