Beer-Battered Kotaku Talk Radio

We invite you to listen to the newest episode of Kotaku Talk Radio right here, or download the one-hour show to your favorite MP3 player. This is an experimental episode.

Crecente was traveling, so Mike McWhertor and I teamed up for this New York - Los Angeles edition.


In this episode, we try a new segment we called: What the hell did I get in the mail today? Success?

We also try a new audio recording set-up. Hmmm. A bit echo-y. Patience, dear listeners. We're in transition.

Among the topics we cover is why "Genghis Khan" sent mail to me (and what he sent), the thing Peter Molyneux does every time a new game of his is released, McWhertor's expert advice for Vanquish players, a re-assessment of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, the reasons to care about a new God of War, and the fortunes of Mac gaming. All in about an hour.

Listen here:


Right click here and select save as to download the podcast.

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