Magikarp is sad. Pathetic. He sucks. Yet, one brave gamer apparently became a Poké champ with what is largely considered to be the worst Pocket Monster around.

Wielding a shiny Magikarp, Twitter user Nakano Official defeated the Elite Four in Pokémon ORAS before taking down the champion to be crowned champ himself.

Nakano Official live-tweeted photos of the last few encounters, but below you can see images from his battle with Metagross.

These particular photos have been retweeted nearly twenty thousand times!

Apparently, Nakano Official became a champ sans cheats and uploaded these images as proof:

We've seen Magikarp go the distance before, so it can be done!

Note that in Japanese Magikarp is called "Koikingu" (コイキング), or "king of the carp." Nakano Official humorously named his Level 83 Pokémon "Bangohan" (ばんごはん), which means "dinner."


*Stats-wise, the worst Pocket Monster in ORAS is actually Sunkern, but that that Pokémon doesn't have the same sad and pathetic stigma.

皆さん応援ありがとうございました! [Nakano Official]

やばい涙出そう! [Nakano Official]

チートじゃねえよ! [Nakano Official]

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