Become A Dragon Age Legend On Facebook

It's time to sign up for the closed beta for Dragon Age Legends, EA 2D's Facebook companion to Dragon Age II, where players can earn exclusive items for use in the console game.


I was under the impression that Dragon Age Legends would be hitting Facebook before the March 11 release of Dragon Age II, but apparently that's not the case. Closed beta testing is just kicking off now, with open beta expected to run until later in March, after the console game has been released.

That means your first chance to experience the Free Marches of Dragon Age II hinges on your ability to get into the game's closed beta. Once inside players will experience exciting combat, deep character customization and co-operative gameplay with their friends on Facebook while gaining a sneak peak at the setting for the console sequel.

If you don't get in, don't worry; you'll still be able to play in open beta, securing up to five exclusive in-game items for Dragon Age II in time for its big debut.

Players that are accepted into the closed beta test for Dragon Age Legends earn an additional bonus: Jade Empire armor for their Legends character once the game enters open beta. Man, remember Jade Empire?

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Did EA partner with some high school art class to develop this thing? Wow, after that abortion that was the Mass Effect iPhone game, EA has successfully tarnished the Bioware name.