I've been working my way through the many, many, many games created during last weeend's 2-day Peter Molydeux Game Jam. Now that there are videos, it's much easier to share the ones that stand out, so yesterday I gave it a stab.


A list of five games feels woefully incomplete when placed against the insane list of games created—the MolyJam site is almost to 300 games, all playable. So, I thought it'd be easier to just share the good ones I see whenever I get a chance.

Here we've got "Friends 'Til The End," which was created by a team from Montreal. I really just recommend watching the video, and if you'd like, playing the game. Definitely one of the most impressive MolyJam games I've seen yet—props to Justin Cyr and Jonathan Lavigne for the art, in particular.

I'm starting to think that more games should end the way this one does.

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