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Beautiful Minecraft Village Helps Soldier Deployed in Afghanistan

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

"Autumnvale. Serving in Afghanistan, so I created this world so I finally have something pretty to look at."

Redditor udlose submitted their build to r/minecraft yesterday with the above description. A small, scenic (but not yet finished) town, Autumnvale has sprawling wheat fields:


A fishing pond:


And neat little gardens:

Though it might look peaceful now, Autumnvale has quite the war-torn past. Writes udlose:

Working on this town, I couldn't help but weave a whole story line around the location. It's a Soldier's dream; a place that was once a great stronghold centuries ago, but now has only known peace for as long as anyone can remember. All the battlefields are now crop fields and the fortress in the west, "The Bastion," is a site of ruins that now stand sentinel over pumpkins and grain. :)


The build is impressive, but it's the added beauty of the Conquest resource pack that really makes it shine. Especially when you look at those houses against the really pretty skybox.

udlose plans to post more pictures of Autumnvale and, after some more work, a world download as well.


Autumnvale [r/minecraft]

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