Beat Sketcher, The Best PlayStation Move Game You Weren't Expecting

Last week: I had no desire to paint music using a PlayStation 3 motion controller. This week: I yearn to play the full version of Beat Sketcher. Remember that game name.

Until I found it lurking as an extra demo on my review copy of PlayStation Move games Kung Fu Rider and Start The Party, I had only heard of Beat Sketcher once. That one time I heard of it was when, at a Sony gaming showcase, I was told that Beat Sketcher had been removed because it wasn't working well.


I assumed it stank.

Now that I've played Beat Sketcher, that can't be it. Must have just been too noisy.

Beat Sketcher is a musical art game that you control with the PlayStation 3's Move motion controller. It is made by Sony's Japan Studio and will include solo and multiplayer, challenges and a free-form create mode. The way most of that will work is as much your guess as it is mine. All I know are the fundamentals: you draw and paint in mid-air and music is made in the process.

Watch it in action. I shot this video from the single-player create mode, which is the only part of the game available in the demo. It was enough to get me excited.

Bring on more Beat Sketcher!

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