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Be A Hello Kitty Online Founder

Illustration for article titled Be A Hello Kitty Online Founder

I'm not sure when there's so much interest here on Kotaku regarding Hello Kitty Online, and I'm not sure I really want to know, if only so I can maintain plausible deniability for whatever comes next. For whatever twisted reasons, the excitement is there, so I thought I'd let you in on the chance to gain prestige far beyond that of the normal Hello Kitty fan, by becoming one of the Hello Kitty Online founders! If selected, you'll gain early access to the game on October 8th, along with special founder's benefits and bragging rights powerful enough to make any preteen girl cry. All you have to do is have a SanrioTown account set up and send a blank email from your registered account to, after which you'll get a reply that goes something like this:

Thank you for your message. If you were contacting us about becoming a Founder for Hello Kitty Online, please be assured that we received your email and will process it accordingly. You should receive an update within a couple of weeks. Thank you for your interest in Hello Kitty Online!


Yatta! *V* Good luck! Hello Kitty Online: Founder's Beta Announced! [SanrioTown - Thanks Shijirou!]

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