Bayonetta's Easy Mode Lets You Play Like A Pro, Automatically

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Our Gamescom demo of "climax action" game Bayonetta ended with a minor surprise. PlatinumGames producer Yusuke Hashimoto was playing the game on easy—easy!!—cluing us in to an interesting concession in the game.

Now, demos played on easy difficulty settings or "god mode" aren't that uncommon. But it was the "automatic" setting that was the source of our surprise. When played on easy, Bayonetta will perform the same flashy moves and impressive combos with but a simple button press.

It's not quite a game-finishing "win" button that hardcore gamers would scorn—nor is it uncharted territory in the action genre; you could unlock a similar mode in Devil May Cry—but what Hashimoto said was an "entrance door" to the deeper gameplay of Bayonetta. Easy mode was designed to bring in gamers who might not have the combo-chaining, button-mashing experience of Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry under their belts, the type that might be initially wary of quad-wielding, multiple weapon load outs and memorizing long button pressing sequences.


Hashimoto said PlatinumGames wanted to "broaden the audience" with Bayonetta, letting less experienced players "enjoy the complete package" without necessarily having to invest the time.

He was quick to add that there are harder gameplay settings for veteran action gamers, but that "the funness will be consistent throughout all difficulties."

So, don't worry. It doesn't sound like PlatinumGames is toning down Bayonetta in any way. It just means torture attacks and nearly naked witches for everyone!

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Man it's kinda mean with all the Bayonetta pics and junk.

I mean the game has been delayed and now everything that's coming out

seems like a cocktease.

All the screenshots of the game, trailers, gameplay vids, interviews, Just one

big cocktease.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy reading the articles about the game, and seeing

the media and such, but it's just one big tease until it gets released.

So mean, yet soo alluring.