Bayonetta 2 Is a Wii U Exclusive

Nintendo just revealed that Bayonetta 2 is coming to the Wii U. Osaka-based game studio Platinum Games, who developed the first Bayonetta, is once again bringing the character to life.


Nintendo is publishing this Wii U exclusive. Atsushi Inaba of Okami fame is producing, and Yusuke Hashimoto, who produced the first Bayonetta, will be directing.

The brief trailer doesn't show any game play footage, but does show Bayonetta's new pistol heels, which are now blue, reflecting the character's new color motif. In the first game, her heels were a red hue.

No word on when gamers can expect Bayonetta 2 to shoot up their Wii U consoles.



I can't get my head around this one. They had an install base of 120million+ players that all had access to Bayonetta, and instead of tapping into that audience with the sequel, they've put it on a brand new console, whose predecessor did not have Bayonetta and currently has an install base of 0? That's a really, really strange decision to make. Definitely the biggest surprise to come out of this little event.