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Battlegrounds Players Take Off Pants And Infiltrate Big Group Of Enemies

Illustration for article titled iBattlegrounds /iPlayers Take Off Pants And Infiltrate Big Group Of Enemies
SteamedSteamedSteamed is dedicated to all things in and around Valve’s PC gaming service.

Skrollox and his friends were playing a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds squad match when they encountered an odd sight: roughly 20 enemy players prancing down the street. In their underwear.


This would normally be cause for concern. After all, it’s technically against the rules for players to form alliances with folks outside their squad. Also, the whole underwear thing registered as about an 8.5 on the old what-the-fuck-o-meter. Skrollox, however, had an idea.

“What if we try to join them?” he asked. “There’s so many of them that they might not even notice we’re enemies, and then we can kill them from the inside.”

His squadmates then shared the universal thought that crosses everybody’s mind immediately before regrettable pants removal—“Eh, why not?”—and proceeded to shed their trousers. Slowly but surely, creeping behind rocks and trees, they closed in on the roving brigade and integrated with them. Things seemed to be going swimmingly. “They think we’re part of the team!” shouted Skrollox, laughing.


For a time, they joined a splinter group and occupied a checkpoint, waiting to ambush unsuspecting enemies. Then members of the underwear squad began moving away from them, inspecting them warily. “They’re trying to figure us out,” Skrollox astutely observed mere milliseconds before the tighty whitey militia opened fire. His squad managed to down quite a few of them, but ultimately took a bunch of damage and got finished off by the circle.

Still, it’s pretty amazing that Skrollox’s plan worked as well as it did. Perhaps, then, there’s a lesson to be learned here: he who dares may not always win, but he’ll die proud, his underwear fearlessly flowing in the breeze.

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I think it’s funny that in such a chaotic game, there’s a “technicality” to the rule set of forming alliances.