Battlegrounds Player Writes Live Song For Partner, Partner Dies Anyway

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They say music soothes the soul. They do not, however, say anything about music saving the soul. Or the body, for that matter.

Scene Of Action was playing a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds match, and he died, like you do. It was a duos game, so his partner was left to fend for themselves. Possessed by very obviously sincere and heartfelt remorse, Scene Of Action grabbed a guitar and began to play an apology song.

“I won’t be there tooooo protect you,” he mournfully cooed. Then a dude appeared in his partner’s field of view, and the song took a turn.


“There’s a guy right in fuckin’ front of you!” he shouted. “Get that fuckin’ asshole!”

His partner opened fire, but went down in an inglorious blaze seconds later.

“AAAH, FUCK,” Scene of Action laughed.

And so the old adage holds true: never bring a guitar to a gunfight. Or a frying pan fight, as the case may be.

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