BattleForge Is Now Free

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Real-time strategy title BattleForge is now free, Electronic Arts announced today.


To download the Play 4 Free version of BattleForge you just need to visit and click Play 4 Free.

The free version of the game, which was price dropped to $30 earlier this month, will include all of the community features, scenarios, the recently launched Renegade campaign and 32 of the 200 trading cards used in the game.

Players will be able to add more cards to their collection by purchasing points online. The $30 retail version will still be available and include cards from all four factions plus 3,000 BattleForge points.

If you're pondering if it's worth the time, here's our review of the game.


Moses Monster

It's still $30 dollars on steam. I think I might wait to see if they change that price too. EA is slow on that front always.