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Battlefield V Delayed Away From Call of Duty And Red Dead 2

Illustration for article titled iBattlefield V/i Delayed Away From iCall of Duty/i And iRed Dead 2/i

EA has delayed the next big Battlefield game a month, pushing it back to November 20 for what developer DICE says arefinal adjustments to core gameplay.” There’s another good reason for the delay, though: the competition.


Battlefield V had been previously scheduled for October 19, a week after Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and a week before Red Dead Redemption 2. It seemed like a big misstep for EA to launch its flagship fall game that close to two other, far more anticipated games, and rumors had circulated for the past few weeks about Battlefield V pre-orders failing to meet EA’s expectations. Now, the next Battlefield is clear of most other fall blockbusters, although it’ll still be out in time for Black Friday (November 23).

Battlefield V, which is set in World War II, will hold an open beta next week on September 6. “We can’t wait to see you on the battlefield,” DICE said in today’s announcement. Get it?

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The preorder bonus for this game was early access to the beta. Can’t imagine they’re super worried about preorders when the bonus was so weak. Have to think they knew it wouldn’t be strong.

Also, great idea! Move it back behind both titles, so that people who are only going to buy 2/3 will have bought their two before your game even comes out!

Edit: Adding that I’m very disappointed in this move. I’m getting RDR2 and BFV but was really hoping BFV would be out before November. It’s weird that they’re pushing it back a whole month this close to release, right? Usually these moves come 4-5+ months out, right?