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Battlefield 4's Beta Starts In October (Also: Rad New Trailer)

EA confirmed today that Battlefield 4's beta will begin on October 1 for some, and October 4 for the rest. Which also gave them an excuse to release a fantastic multiplayer trailer.


Those getting in on October 1 will be anyone who preordered the digital deluxe version of Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3 premium members and those poor souls who owned the Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or digital deluxe edition.

Every other 360, PS3 and PC player can download it from their relevant online store on October 4.


The beta features one map - Siege of Shanghai - which you can play in either conquest or domination mode.

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I don't get it.... It looks like the exact same weapons. The exact same upgrades on vehicles.. What's the point? Just wait till it's on sale in a month I guess.