Battlefield 3 Looks Just Fine On Console, Thanks

To date, every single thing we've seen on Battlefield 3 has been of the PC version. And yet, the game is coming out on Xbox 360 and PS3. Tonight, we got our first look at one of those console versions.

On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon earlier tonight, as part of the show's week-long focus on gaming, DICE showed off the PS3 version of Battlefield 3. It didn't look as good as the PC version. That was always bound to happen. But is it one of the best-looking things we've ever seen on the PS3?


It's definitely up there.

[thanks Matt!]

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There are actually a group of people on the EA BF forums that believe that the PC version is pre-rendered. It took a comparison of the BC2 player models from the PC and PS3 versions to show that yes, the PC really can make things look that good.

The game will play identically on all platforms though, so in the end it's a moot point.