Battlefield 3 Development Started on PC, But Switched to Consoles

Illustration for article titled emBattlefield 3 /emDevelopment Started on PC, But Switched to Consoles

Despite a launch that's seen 5 million shipped in its first week, Battlefield 3's debut has not been without issues. Most of the praise has come for the PC version of the game and the assumption's been that that where the main development of the military FPS happened, with that code ported over to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. But, via Computer and Video Games, an interview with DICE exec Karl-Magnus Troedsson reveals that, while things started that way, the focus shifted later in development. CVG has him saying:

"We said originally that the PC was the lead SKU of the game, but in mid-production we switched to console as lead platform to make sure we could get all the versions done for release"


This shift of lead development platforms might explain why our own Brian Crecente had such differing experiences with BF3 on PC and Xbox 360.


Battlefield 3 lead platform 'switched to consoles' mid-development [CVG]

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I think the game looks great, even on the consoles. i play on the PS3, but if the PC players get what I get, but at 60fps and 64 player matches, than they have no right to complain about this comment, no matter what, they got a superior game.