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Battlefield 2042's Hovercrafts Are So Busted They're Climbing Walls, Killing Helicopters

Players are using the gravity-defying vehicles to do some stupidly hilarious things

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
I’d get killed on the battlefield just standing there, laughing at this nonsense.
Gif: PaulJohnYT / Kotaku

Early access Battlefield 2042 players are seemingly having an amazing time with the game ahead of its official launch on November 19, though not always in ways the developers may have intended. One source of tremendous absurdity and enjoyment is the game’s hovercraft, in which players are doing delightfully impossible things like destroying helicopters and scaling buildings.

All over the internet, from the game’s subreddit to Twitter, are clips of players pulling off insane stunts with the hovercraft. Not only is the vehicle capable of climbing up all manner of surfaces, from ice walls to skyscrapers, but it’s also an apparently overpowered machine in on-the-ground combat as well. Some are even calling for the hovercraft to get nerfed, saying it’s “ruining gameplay at the moment.”


One example of how the hovercraft is “ruining gameplay” comes from Twitter user @pauljohnYT, who posted a clip of himself using the vehicle to land on and blow up a helicopter. It’s so stupid it’s funny, and I can’t stop laughing at it.


And then there’s a clip posted to YouTube by user aimerslurch. The short video sees the hovercraft whipping it through Battlefield 2042's snowy map Breakaway, just running over as many people as possible like it’s GTA. The amount of kills they get is absurd as the hovercraft mows down almost 20 players in just a matter of seconds. If that’s not broken then I really don’t know what is.

This is all happening before Battlefield 2042 launches for everyone on November 19. Xbox players who handed out a bit more cash for early access have reported that it’s incessantly crashing their Series X consoles. Other players are finding themselves farmed like cattle for XP. Things aren’t looking too hot for the military shooter, and in the wake of Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer release, Battlefield 2042 feels like it came out at the wrong time.