Battle Orphan Diseases With Your Used Games

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Why buy and sell your used games to the benefit of some retailer when you can donate and buy used games from DonateGames.Org, where all proceeds go towards helping children and their families fight rare and neglected disorders.


Donate Games is a charity that works a bit differently than most. While other charities have had players donating games to entertain sick children, Donate Games is a fully-functioning games trade-in service. Players can send their used titles in exchange for a tax-deductible receipt, or they can purchased used games via the charity's website, with all proceeds going towards helping children affected by and raising awareness of orphan diseases.

Orphan diseases are those that affect less than .05% of the population, and therefore don't get the sort of attention more prevalent disorders do - diseases like Chordoma, Progeria, and Rett Syndrome.


"Our user-friendly model takes charitable giving to a whole new level of fun and interactivity, presenting families with a unique way to extend their holiday generosity," said Jim Carol, CEO and founder of Donate Games, who founded the charity after his own son and video game enthusiast, Taylor Carol, survived an orphan disease. "We've streamlined the process of raising rare disease support for hurting children who need our attention-and deserve our kindness during this season of giving. Donate Games, save lives. It's that easy."

So if you are looking for a Christmas present or simply in mood to browse the used bin at your local game store, stop by first. The prices are nice, and the warm and fuzzy feeling comes free of charge.

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I'd be more than happy to buy a few titles if the prices were actually competitive. It's hard for me to justify spending almost $10 more (not including shipping) for a game I can pick up from GameStop.

Damnation is what I'm talking about. GameStop has it for $17.99 and I'd get 10% off with my Edge card. Battle Orphans has it for $24.99+ shipping.

Not that I want that game anyways.