Nintendo are no longer the only company in town with a Wii Remote on the market. You can get peripherals from third-party manufacturers too, with differing aesthetics and differing price points. So which is better?

Mark over at Gizmodo has spent some quality time with three devices - the official Wii Remote, along with Nyko & Mad Catz's offerings - and after putting all three through their paces, shares his thoughts.


At the end of the day, the Wii Remote emerges as the device with the best performance. Not surprising. Yet it's worth considering that both competing devices are not only cheaper (Nyko's Wand is $35 while the Mad Catz Wireless Remote is $30), but aren't as shoddy as you'd expect, with only some IR issues on both remotes really holding them back.

Battlemodo: The Wiimote vs. The Cheap Knockoffs [Gizmodo]

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