2.0 feature list

Diablo III fan site has a list of known and rumored features in Blizzard's revised online gaming service. has fallen by the wayside since it's late nineties heyday but when Blizzard spoke to Kotaku back in June they were keen to stress that the new 'n' improved service would be a centerpiece of the Diablo III and StarCraft II experience. The confirmed list is after the jump, but the rumors include an Achievements system, Accountability (to track cheaters and those who use hacks) and Voice Over IP in-game chat. Multiplayer has come a long way since the turn of the century, of course. Do we still need something like that DIII have been able to get Blizzard to confirm: * Excellent Ping * Channels and Chat in-game * Ladders and Rankings, secured against cheating. * Extended stats, with possibility to see who D/C etc * AMM-type Matchmaking * Avatars, Images and Icons to represent yourself * Diablo III Hardcore mode * Friends/Ignore Lists with advanced management * Clan Support * Automated Tournaments Definite 2.0 Features [DIII via Slashdot]


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