Battle Mercy

It’s a viable strategy! Even in the Overwatch League.

The first match of Overwatch League’s grand finals just wrapped up, with London Spitfire taking a commanding lead after a shaky first map. But on the final map, Volskaya, Philadelphia Fusion gave it their all and then some in an attempt to shoot down a surging Spitfire. Just when London seemed to be in position to take the first point—which would’ve put them within spitting distance of winning the whole match—the clouds parted, and a light shone from the heavens.

Alberto “Neptuno” González, known for his uncharacteristically aggressive play of the hero, went full Battle Mercy, using his Valkyrie ult to sneak up on and dust an ulting Genji before swooping in to off London’s Mercy, as well. Here it is from González’s perspective:


Alas, it ended up being for naught, as London continued to pour on the pressure, with Joon-yeong “Profit” Park putting on one of the best performances of his life and single-handedly wrenching victory from the jaws of, well, not defeat necessarily, but at least a tiebreaker map.

The series continues tomorrow, and given how bonkers this has already been, I’m excited as hell.

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Unfortunately not nearly enough, thanks to some really bonehead comp choices by Philly tonight for Match 1. The meta was made for them in the finals, and they kept going with dumb setups. Hotba/Poko should always be swapped for each other, as Boom can definitely work as a 3rd tank, AND gives them the option for another healer just in case they need to regroup. Carpe should always be hitscan, and if a Hanzo is needed, that should be EQO. They can flex to others if need be, but if the enemy uses Pharah, hitscan the hell out of them. Otherwise, they should abuse the hell out of this dual sniper meta, and their 2-sniper 3-tank meatball is crazy powerful.

They avoided everything that helped them destroy the NYXL in this match against London.