More than a year after retail release for the PlayStation 3 in Europe, Arc System Work's Battle Fantasia is finally coming to North America, courtesy of the PlayStation Network.

North American PlayStation 3-owning fans of Arc fighters like Guilty Gear and the recently-reviewed BlazBlue were somewhat disappointed last year when Battle Fantasia was released exclusively for the Xbox 360 at retail. Relief is now in sight, however, as Aksys announces a fall release for the game in downloadable for on the PlayStation Network.

"The fans have been asking for it and we're here to deliver," said Frank "Bo" deWindt II, Project Lead, Aksys Games. "Thanks to the revival of the fighting genre this year there hasn't been a better time to release such a fun and exciting fighter like Battle Fantasia on the PlayStation Network."

See? They would have released it on the PlayStation 3 earlier, but it just wasn't a good time. It should be interesting to see how well the magic-meets-steampunk game does as a downloadable title, seeing as the 360 boxed version didn't exactly take the country by storm.