Battle Bears Take the Fight to TV Animation

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With five bear-based shooters for Android and iOS devices under their fuzzy little belts and another on the way, SkyVu Entertainment teams up with the makers of Yo Gabba Gabba! to transform Battle Bears into the next big TV animation franchise for boys.

Created by SkyVu co-founder Ben Vu while he was an animation student at CalArts, Battle Bears was pretty much destined to become an animated series. It's got a group of six combat-ready teddies with distinct personalities, hordes of adorably mindless enemies to destroy—it's a kid's toy marketeers' dream, and W!ldbrain is jumping on it.

"Battle Bears has enjoyed worldwide success as a mobile game," said W!ldbrain Entertainment president Michael Polis via official announcement. "Between its built-in fan base and the expandable universe that lends itself to consumer products and character-driven extensions such as series, Battle Bears has the potential to become the next big boys action comedy brand."


While Angry Birds has spawned a series of animated shorts, this deal makes Battle Bears the first mobile gaming property to score a full television season of 30-minute animated episodes. That's rather huge, really.

No word on when the show, toys, party hats, Happy Meal Toys and other branded fluff will be showing up, but knowing that it's all on the way makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

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