Batman Doesn't Just Let Random Superheroes Wander Into The Batcave

Even a comic book-based video game requires a little suspension of disbelief. Take the Batcave Inner Sanctum group combat raid from DC Universe Online, in which Batman enlists a group of newbie heroes to protect his most sacred of places.

"Wow, Batman. Your inner sanctum is directly under Wayne Manor? How weird is that?"


Right, this is a scenario that isn't going to happen. Maybe Bruce Wayne would give Clark Kent a ring if he was really hard-pressed, but I can't see him inviting the Stevanator and Hawkguy into the Batcave if Annihilus himself showed up and started trashing the place.

Yes, I know Annihilus is a Marvel villain. It's still more likely that he'd show up than Bruce Wayne would let newperheroes touch his giant coin.

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