Batman: Arkham Knight Will Be Out On June 2

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The new-gen-only Batman game Arkham Knight will be released on June 2, 2105 after having been delayed out of a fall 2014 release, according to a source privy to announcements being made at a GameStop conference today. The game's publisher just confirmed on Twitter, too.


Batman Arkham Knight is meant to be development studio Rocksteady's final word on Batman, the culmination of a saga started with the surprise 2009 hit Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequel, 2011's Batman: Arkham City. A different studio, WB Montreal, crafted last year's prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins, but that still didn't seem to give Rocksteady enough time for their newest open-world game.

The new game is for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

We at Kotaku saw Arkham Knight running pretty well back in March in a slice of the game that involved Batman swooping down from skyscrapers and racing through streets in the series-new Batmobile. Nevertheless, Rocksteady has needed more time. If the new date sticks, the studio will have had three-and-a-half years on Arkham Knight, a hopefully healthy amount of time to make something great.

Arkham Knight involves a mysterious new character—the Arkham Knight—hunting Batman as he tries to stop some familiar villains from laying siege to Gotham City.

While the June timeframe has often been a slow period for game releases, in recent year's it's seen some big launches. In 2013, Sony's impressive Last Of Us debuted in June. This year, Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 hit in very late May.

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Maybe they'll use the delay to add in some actual NPCs in the city instead of just lazily having Gotham get evacuated again. That'd be nice.