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Batman: Arkham City Finally Coming to PCs in Two Weeks

Illustration for article titled emBatman: Arkham City/em Finally Coming to PCs in Two Weeks

After an auspicious debut on consoles, Rocksteady Games' second outing with the Dark Knight will be hitting PCs in two weeks. North America gets its hands on the Bat first on 11/22, with Australia following on 11/23. France and Benelux—oh, Benelux, you beautifully named economic union—don the Caped Crusader's cowl on 11/24 and a wider European PC release follows on the 25th. There's no word yet on how Warner Bros. will be handling the Arkham City DLC roll-outs on the platform since the Nightwing and Robin add-on packs will already be out for console.


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Never played these two games, wonder what all the rage is about. Is it really that good, or is it just Batman nostalgia? What if you don't really care for Batman too much, is it enjoyable on the game level itself?