BatDad Returns, Is Still The Best (And Maybe Worst) Dad Around

I don't know much about parenting, but I am continually impressed by BatDad's commitment to making parenting fun and ridiculous. I mean, wearing a Batman mask and using the gritty Batman voice to parent your kids? It's kind of the best.


And maybe the worst, too. A little. I'm glad his family seems to have fun with it though, even if they shake their heads at his antics.

Watch BatDad's latest compilation of vines, and you be the judge. And when you're done with these, watch his first compilation—also excellent!

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At 27 years old, I have reached an age where people around me are having kids and not by accident. I see how expensive babies are and how much sleep you lose. But this looks like so much fun. To have a little audience who you can annoy endlessly. Quick, someone, let's make some kids.