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Bastion's Narrator Has A History With Portal 2's Cave Johnson

Bastion's deep voiced narrator Rucks is a serious guy, full of insight and detailed information to help the Kid rebuild his world. Turns out he's not the only technological maverick in this universe.
In this video Rucks gives an account of his history with Aperture Science founder and lemon enthusiast Cave Johnson. At least their hypothetical history. This isn't the first time Bastion and Portal 2 have crossed paths. Judging by the awesome level of the first two crossovers, let's hope it's not the last.


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It figures that two of the games that I'm most interested in this year, Bastion and Portal 2, would have some sort of crossover.

Is Bastion as good as everyone says it is, though? My Xbox kicked it on me so I haven't had a chance to buy it yet.