In Japan, March 3 is Girl's Day (雛祭り or "Hinamatsuri"). It's a doll festival. To celebrate, Baskin Robbins is releasing a set of five ice cream "dolls." Delicious!

Here is how the real dolls are displayed during Hinamatsuri. The dolls represent the Emperor and Empress—as well as their attendants.

And now, in ice cream form, with images courtesy of Gigazine:

Each is made from one of five flavors: Nutty Cream Cheese Brownie, Love in Berry, Orange Sorbet, Love Struck Cheese Cake, and Oreo Chocolate Mint. The set is priced at 1,540 yen (US$15).

サーティーワンのひな祭りメニュー「ひなだんかざり」を食べてみました [Gigazine]

Photo: Gigazine, cowardlion|Shutterstock

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