Bashcraft Profiled By Dallas Morning News

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Ever wonder why I'm in Japan? Or how I got this super duper job? No? Well then, don't click past the jump. If so, hey, clicky-clack away.


A few weeks back, tech journo Victor Godinez from my hometown paper The Dallas Morning News did a profile on me — and I was finally sent the hard copy by my parents. I'm rather tickled to be in the DMN as it was the first newspaper I ever read.

The article is right next to Dear Abby, and there's my picture — a picture that my wife says makes me look like it should be on a Wanted Poster.


In the profile, I talk a bit about how I got to Japan, how I got this gig and about arcades and Arcade Mania. There are two versions of the interview: a shorty and a slightly longer Director's Cut version. Read either, both or neither. Whichever!

Dallas native chronicles Japan's vibrant arcade culture in book [GuideLive — Short Version]
Interview: Brian Ashcraft, "Arcade Mania: The Turbo-Charged World of Japan's Game Centers" [GuideLive — Longer Version]

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the other week, my girlfriends mom was like "oh hey look at this article here." i picked it up and i was like "hey its bashcraft from kotaku! this dudes an editor for my fave gaming site!" lol