Banjo Kazooie's Japan Inspired Backpack

While visiting the Xbox Japan offices, Rare gave a Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts walk through, talking up the game. "It's good to be back in Japan, because Banjo was inspired by Japan," studio boss Mark Betteridge. Apparently, the character's backpack was inspired by backpacks that Japanese children carry around. Rare's being especially bullish about online — creating a team dedicated to multiplayer — and about the game's creation aspects. In the age of LittleBigPlanet, competition is stiff, but Rare's confident in all the various vehicles players can make in Nuts and Bolts. When asked if there's the possibility for one proverbial user-created vehicle that could break the game, Betteridge replied: "I hope not. We are confident that we built a substantial world... No, it won't crash."

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Thats funny, because like I said America is soo behind on technology is ashame. People think iPhone is as technically advance that cell phones get im America... LMAO! There was an article about that like a year back how America needs to advance cpmpared to countries like Japan. American cities are ugly most of the time, and dont have half of the futuristic Movielike advances that Japan has and use majorly.

And maybe they're backpacks have birds inside that help them fly. America's backpacks are just warming up to the idea or MP3 slots, pockets within pockets