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Ballsy Chinese Console Rips Off Both The PS4 And Xbox One

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Right now, on China’s version of Kickstarter, you can back a games console called the OUYE. If you ever wanted a console that looked like a PS4 but had a controller like the Xbox One’s, it’s for you!

Kidding, it’s garbage. It’s a hunk of copyright-infringing plastic that, judging from the games on show (and the price, seeing as you can pick one up for around $100), looks like it’s running on some modified version of Android.


We’ve seen some ballsy knock-offs coming out of China over the years, but this one’s balls are particularly brassy.


For comparison, here’s the PS4 vs the OUYE:

(note how the OUYE still manages to rip off the Xbox One here by including the top grill from Microsoft’s console).

And here’s the Xbox One controller vs the OUYE controller:


Slightly less brazen, given the buttons in the centre in place of the Xbox “orb”, but still.

As a reminder, China has recently begun softening its ban on actual foreign video game consoles.


UPDATE: Reader ZhugeEX has gone through the Chinese on the site and provided a few more details:

-This is an Android Micro Console being developed by a Shenzhen company

- It will be a bit more powerful than the Ouya but the specs are a bit dated.

-Kickstarter will open later this month with $15k as the target goal

-Console is expected to cost around $70 to buy with one controller

-The console has had negative feedback from Chinese netizens because this rip off is very very blatant.

-The company said it took them 1 year and 3 months to get this product ready to ship and they spent “6 months on the unique design”..... yes.... unique design.


(via @ZhugeEX & BY2K @ NeoGAF)