More balls! More Dragon Balls! Cactuargal points out that these GLOWING Dragon Balls are see-thru and pretty true to the Earth size of a Dragon Ball. To bring everyone up to speed: Make a Dragon Ball. The best damn Dragon Ball you can! It cannot be drawn or virtual - it must be an actual three dimension Dragon Balls. Now! If you don't know what Dragon Balls look like, you can click here. While the Dragon Balls you make should look like actual Dragon Balls, feel free to get creative with what you use to make them. The contest wraps up later this month. The finalists will win either the PS3 version or Xbox 360 version of Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit. Be sure to send entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom and include a Kotaku sign. Losers get INTERNET FAME.

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Denis from Canada says, "Here's a one star dragon ball we made out of origami paper. Wheeeee!" Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee, indeed!