Baldur's Gate Teaser Website Conjures a Countdown

It will be less than 24 hours before we hear more about the mysterious Baldur's Gate project from developer / digital distribution platform Beamdog. You can stare the timer down to eerie music here at the teaser website.



I have a terrible question. I've owned a copy of Baldur's Gate and its expansion for a long time but never really got into it. Assuming I could even get into the frame of mind to go back to 2nd edition rules, how is Baldur's Gate really?

Let me set this up proper. I've had it with Bioware's idea of "choice" in dialogue: three options followed up by a response that's merely cleverly worded to work with all the options. The only "choice" is whether I'm nice about saving the world, or rude about it. I let it slide with NWN, and now it's all they do. ME1,2,3, DA, KOTOR, TOR. I'm sick of it. And to be fair it isn't *only* them. Oblivion and Skyrim have the same problem. It's infected many RPG development houses.

I guess what I'm asking is, (without spoiling anything) does Baldur's Gate differ enough that the dialogue and role-playing will truly blow me away? And if I do decide to give it a shot, what is the best way to play it on a modern gaming machine?