BadBlood Is Hide-And-Seek With More Blood

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Man, hide-and-seek has gotten daaaaaark.

BadBlood is hide-and-seek re-imagined. Basically, it’s hide-and-hunt. It’s meant to be played split-screen and—in an interesting twist—encourages screen cheating. However, a twist on top of and within a twist: the screen twists, creating different orientations for you and your opponent. What was that sound? Was that a neck snapping, or perhaps a lemon wedge being squeezed into a refreshing summer beverage? No, it was A TWIST. What you see is most certainly not what you get.

Here are the basics:

An intimate manhunt inspired by a thrilling playground classic, hide and seek.

A grid-based, discrete style of movement and combat.

Badblood dares you to screen cheat. But remember that your North is not your opponent’s North. Disorient, manipulate, ambush.

A cool-down mechanic that renders you very vulnerable if you wrongly predict your opponent’s location.

A one-hit-kill fighting game, with the kind of samurai or cowboy philosophy and style akin to Nidhogg, SamuraiGunn or Bushido Blade.

4 vengeful characters with game-changing abilities to choose from.

Endless playing (killing) fields, both handcrafted and randomly generated.


Ah yes, the good old fashioned find & kill. Who could forget that one? Not the people who were found and killed by it, I reckon.


BadBlood really does look sweet, if perhaps a bit nauseating. Part-fighter, part-puzzler, part-mind game. It’s currently on Steam Greenlight, and it’s set to come out later this year. Of course, as with any local multiplayer Steam game, it’s hard not to worry that it’ll be a pretty barebones affair—especially if you can’t find other people to play with. But with games like this, you kinda have to accept that you’re not getting an ideal experience unless you’ve got some flesh-and-blood friends to deprive of a little of their virtual flesh and a lot of their virtual blood. It’s something of a shame, but there’s a price to be paid for focus.

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