Bad Hacks - The Museum Of Badly-Implemented Puerile ROM Hacks

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Sexist, racist, homophobic, misogynist, puerile and occasionally slightly amusing. This is the world of Bad Hacks - a celebration of the best/worst in old-school ROM hacking. Gasp at the thrilling adventures of Dragon Pervert ("take down an evil Dominatrix & her army of gimps using breasts or something"), thrill to the weapons-grade racism of Blac-Man ("Profoundly racist") and ponder the nuanced take on sexual politics in Mega Fag ("It's up to you to terminate the evil Dyke's rape quest!"). These are childish and wrong on almost every level - especially anatomically, you really have to wonder if the programmers have ever seen naked humans - and in many cases could end up as alarming appendices to psyche evaluations. As well as ROM downloads and a nice line in deadpan description, the site also has a number of features including a history of this oft-maligned (ok, justifiably maligned) subgenre of fan art. We apologise in advance. Bad Hacks [via Waxy]


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Ah, little nemo the child abuser. A classic of our time.