To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Busy and Blotto It’s good to be back. When I take my annual vacation it’s always bitter sweet. I always tend to be so burned out by the time I take it that I absolutely need it, but I’m also addicted to both writing for and reading Kotaku. So it’s kinda hard for me to let go for a few weeks. And that’s totally what I do. It helps to know that you and Mike and the rest of the folks were here to make sure the Tower didn’t fall into disrepair and that, in fact, it flourished, but still hard. This time around I managed to go the two weeks with only a dozen or so emails passing between me and the outside world. In fact I only checked in on the site maybe four or five times in two weeks, down from say, a gajillion. But like I said, it’s good to be back doing, even ham-handedly, what I love: Writing. During my vacation I stumbled upon Last FM, a sort of free Internet radio station that works a bit like Pandora. For whatever reason I found that I liked it more than Pandora, so I’ve been listening to it all day, the digital dial set to Miles Davis. Good times. Here’s what you missed: LittleBigPlanet Servers Are Alive Japan Continues to Go Space Invader Crazy With Free Games, Kit Kat Bars Unlocking All The Songs In Guitar Hero World Tour Black Friday 08: Sears' Limited Edition DS Colors Hands on With Jenga Donkey Kong Collector's Edition THQ Sues Activision Over Baja Box Art Rip


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