Babysitting Mama Controller Comes In Only One Color

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UGO's Tracey John got a plush baby in her arms at E3. The baby contained a Wii Remote, the better to let her control Babysitting Mama.


She reports that manufacturing costs will limit the "controller" color to Caucasian-only. But in the game you will be able to babysit a baby of one of six different ethnic hues. Oh, when progressive design meets doll-manufacturing prices.

In Babysitting Mama, you can rock the baby, play peek-a-boo and so much more. Add this to the reasons I wish E3 was a day longer. I would have loved to have played this. After all, E3 did have a lot of conventional games. Lots of shooters. Not many baby-rocking games.


'Babysitting Mama' Only Offering White Babies, No Shaking [UGO]

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If they could only have it manufactured as one color they should have opted to use no colors. White like a blank piece of paper.