As we approach the point of total global Angry Birds saturation, one important demographic has been left out of the fowl-flinging sensation: Babies. Rovio's new partnership with baby product company SwaddleDesigns might stop infants from crying over lack of spilled pork.

As the proud father of 9-week-old twin boys, I can safely say there's nothing one baby loves and the other hates more than being wrapped tightly in a soft and comfy swaddling blanket, or throwing up on colorful towels known as burpies, which seems to me like an awfully cute name for something created to hold vomit. Soon babies around the country will be able to vomit on, snuggle with, or struggle against officially licensed Angry Birds baby products.

Why dedicate a line of baby stuff to Rovio's popular game, aside from bucket loads of non-baby safe cash?

"As parents, one aspect of Angry Birds we appreciate is how protective the birds are and how much they love their offspring, " said Lynette Damir, RN, CEO and creative director of SwaddleDesigns. "It's one of the characters' endearing qualities that resonates with parents everywhere, and a key reason we believe Angry Birds fans will be enthusiastic about our new line of Angry Bird baby products. We're excited and honored to be Rovio's partner to bring these fun, playful and loveable characters to SwaddleDesigns product line."

And hey, everything is better when you put a bird on it, babies included.

Parents and friends of parents can preorder items from the Angry Birds line today, with shipping kicking off in October. The prices are a little bit higher than I'm used to (most of our baby clothes were either presents or from folks that had nothing to do with the baby stuff they got as presents previously), but can you really put a price on things your child will shoot bodily fluids all over?